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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 03 - Livestock

Section: 20 - Duty of Care

A. It shall be the duty of every owner or custodian of any animal to exercise reasonable care and take all necessary steps and precautions to protect other people, property, or other animals from injuries or damage. If the owner or custodian of any animal is a minor, the parent or guardian of such minor shall be responsible to ensure that all provisions of this article are complied with.
B. The owner or custodian of any animal shall provide it with necessary food, proper drink and proper shelter, necessary veterinary care and shall secure it in a humane manner as will effectively restrain it from roaming at large. The owner or custodian shall maintain any enclosures or surroundings where the animal’s safety, good health, and wellbeing are provided for.
C. Owners of livestock shall exercise reasonable care and precautions to prevent the livestock from leaving the real property limits of its owner or custodian, and ensure that it is securely and humanely enclosed within a building, lawful fence, pen, or other enclosure out of which it cannot escape on its own volition, and that such enclosure is securely locked at any time the animal is left unattended. Any enclosure shall be kept, clean and free from manure, mud and everything of a foul and unclean nature.
D. Livestock found at large are subject to immediate seizure and impoundment.