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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 04 - Dogs

Section: 150 - License tagRequirements

The county agricultural commissioner is authorized and directed to procure suitable applications and license tags to be issued to the owner or owners of dogs as required by this chapter. The tag shall be metallic and have a stamp thereon bearing the name of the county of Del Norte and the year of its issuance, and the owner or person having control of any dogs as provided herein shall pay to the agricultural commissioner, or the pound master, as herein provided, the fee or fees required hereunder within the time provided above, and shall procure such license and tag and shall attach such tag to a collar to be permanently worn by the dog, and the application shall bear the name of the owner of the dog, and shall, in making application, state the age, sex, color, and breed of the dogs for which license is requested, and the name and address of the owner thereof and upon the issuance of the license the agricultural commissioner shall endorse upon the application the number of the license tag issued in pursuance thereof, and all applications so endorsed shall be kept on file in the office of the agricultural commissioner for public inspection, and it is made the duty of the commissioner to collect in advance of the issuance of such license the fees herein required. The cost of procuring the necessary tags and applications for the licenses is declared to be a charge against the livestock indemnity fund, and the county purchasing agent is directed to purchase such necessary tags and applications as may be required by the agricultural commissioner annually.


(Ord. 69-14 § 15, 1969.)