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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 04 - Dogs

Section: 32 - Redemption from poundVaccination costs

The pound master shall charge and collect in advance the current rabies vaccination costs from those persons redeeming or purchasing a dog from the pound and shall pay such vaccination fee to the licensed veterinarian administering such vaccination to the dog within fifteen days of the redemption or pur­chase of the dog. The veterinarian\'s billing shall be accompanied by the cancelled pound receipt. The owner\'s pound receipt showing advance collection of the vaccination fee shall be the veterinarian\'s authorization to bill the pound master and the veterinarian shall cancel the authorization by signing his name across the face of the pound receipt. It shall be unlawful for the person obtaining a dog by purchase or redemption from the pound to fail to obtain the required rabies vaccination within fifteen days as herein provided.


(Ord. 74-8 § 7, 1974.)