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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 04 - Dogs

Section: 360 - Penalties

A.  Violations of any provisions of this code concerning the licensing or maintenance of a dog may be charged either as a misdemeanor or an infraction in the discretion of the district attorney. When charged as an infraction the maximum fine shall be one hundred dollars for a first offense, two hundred dollars for a second offense within a twelve-month period and five hundred dollars for a third offense within a twelve-month period. When charged as a misdemeanor the penalty shall be as otherwise provided in state statutes or hereinafter set forth.

B.  A dog previously determined to be vicious pursuant to Section 8.04.300 shall be confiscated by the animal control officer and destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner after the expiration of a five-day waiting period, specified in Section 8.04.370, exclusive of Sundays and holidays, and the owner or keeper shall pay a civil penalty of one thousand dollars if any of the following occurs:

1.  The owner violated any provision of this code relating to the keeping of a vicious dog

2.  A vicious dog, when unprovoked, attacks, wounds, bites or otherwise injures or kills any person.

C.   Any violation of this code relating to potentially dangerous dogs shall, when charged as a misdemeanor, be punished by a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars.


(Ord. 88-16 § 8, 1988.)