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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 04 - Dogs

Section: 370 - Impoundment review hearing

If the owner or keeper of a dog impounded for a violation of this code believes that there has not been a violation, the owner or keeper may request a hearing before the animal control officer. Such request must be made in writing no later than five days following the notice of impoundment of the dog. The hearing shall be held no sooner than five nor longer than ten working days following the request. Following the hearing, which shall be conducted informally but allowing the owner or keeper of the dog ample opportunity to present both oral and written evidence, the owner or keeper shall be given written notice of the determination. The determination shall be final subject to the right of the owner or keeper of the dog to seek judicial review of the determination in the manner prescribed for other administrative proceedings. Unless it is determined that there has been no violation warranting impoundment the owner or keeper shall be liable for the cost of care and feeding of the dog while the determination is being made or reviewed. During judicial review the owner or keeper shall deposit monthly in advance with the animal control officer the cost of such care and feeding. Failure to make the required deposit shall authorize the animal control officer to euthanize or otherwise dispose of the dog after giving the owner or keeper five days notice of their failure to make the required deposit.


(Ord. 88-16 § 9, 1988.)