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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 04 - Dogs

Section: 40 - Kennel license requirements

Any person owning or controlling a kennel shall secure a kennel license as required by this section. The amount of the kennel license fee, and the penalty for failing to procure such license, shall be prescribed by the board of supervisors by resolution. A kennel license is in lieu of the individual licensing of dogs kept in the kennel. Dogs removed from the kennel for other than temporary purposes shall be licensed as provided in Section 8.04.030. Kennel licenses shall be procured annually between December 1st and February 1st for the calendar year commencing on January 1st following such December 1st. Newly operated kennels shall be licensed within thirty days of commencing operation.

For purposes of this section, a "kennel" means a place where more than five dogs are kept for breeding, training, sale or other commercial purposes.

No license for a kennel shall be issued to any person until the pound master shall have determined that such person operates a kennel and the kennel is located upon property zoned to allow its operation.  Any violation of this section is an infraction.


(Ord. 88-17 § 3, 1988: Ord. 69-14 § 4, 1969.)