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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 05 - Livestock

Section: 20 - Definitions

  1. "Livestock" means and includes horses, cows, goats, pigs, or any other four legged animal, kept for any purpose, but excluding dogs and cats.  "Livestock" refers to the singular as well as the plural. "Animal," as used in this Chapter, refers to livestock.
  2. "Owner" means any person who owns, harbors, keeps, feeds, maintains, has lawful possession of, or knowingly causes or knowingly permits livestock to be harbored or kept, or has livestock in his care, or who permits livestock to remain on or about his premises; provided, however, this shall not include a person hired or acting as custodian of the livestock for the owner thereof.
  3. "Dangerous livestock" means any livestock that attacks, bites, or injures human beings, pets, companion canines or other livestock or which, because of temperament has a know propensity to attack, bite or injure human beings, pets, companion animals or other livestock.  Bulls, stallions, jackasses, billy goats, rams and other intact male large animals are dangerous livestock for purposes of this ordinance.
  4. "Lawful fence" means a fence that conforms to the requirements of either Food and Agriculture code section 17121 or section 171752.
  5. "Proper drink" means clear, drinkable water in adequate supply.
  6. "Proper space" means an area sufficient to enable an animal to stand to its full height, turn around, lie down, and make normal postural adjustments comfortably and provision for exercise must be appropriate for the species and sufficient to meet the needs of the animal.
  7. "Proper shelter" means access to shelter that provides protection from weather, i.e. sun, wind, precipitation, or other inclement weather conditions and shelter that is maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free from extreme and unreasonable objectionable odor.  Animals kept in pastures and/or areas of confinement less than or equal to on (1) acre in size or one animal kept alone in any size pasture shall be provided with access to a proper shelter as defined.
  8. "Necessary veterinary care" means veterinary medical attention appropriate to the circumstances, whenever an animal is known or suspected to have suffered an injury, accidental or deliberate, or exhibit signs of disease process such as shock, temperature fluctuation, tremors, welling, broken bones, open wounds, inability to eat or drink, blistering, irregular or abnormal breathing, partial or total paralysis, abnormal discharge or bleeding, mange, or other signs of health problems.
  9. "At large" means off the property of the owner or custodian of livestock and not under the immediate control of any person.


 (Ord. 2006-16 § 2006)