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Title: 8 - Animals

Chapter: 05 - Livestock

Section: 70 - Dangerous LivestockAnimals

  1. Any person who owns or has in his/her custody or control any livestock know by that person to be dangerous to the safety of any person or other livestock, or any livestock about which any Animal Control Officer has given notice in writing to the owner or custodian thereof of a suspected dangerous propensity, shall keep such livestock safely and securely restrained at all times. Any such livestock which is allowed beyond safe and secure restraint is a public nuisance, and the owner of keeper of such livestock may be charged with a violation as provided in this Chapter.
  2. Any person who owns or has custody or control of any livestock which causes physical injury to any person or livestock while not restrained may be charged with a violation provided in this Chapter.
  3. If an Animal Control Officer has probable cause to believe that any livestock poses an immediate threat to public safety, the livestock may be seized and impounded pending a hearing in the Municipal Court to determine if the livestock is a public nuisance.  If the Court so determines, the Court may order the nuisance abated and such other relief the Court deems proper.  If the livestock that has been impounded is found by the Court to be a nuisance, the owner or keeper of the livestock shall be liable for all costs and expenses of impounding and keeping the livestock.


 (Ord. 2006-16 § 2006)