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Title: 10 - Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter: 12 - Parking Enforcement

Section: 10 - Definitions

The following definitions apply to terms utilized in this Chapter to provide clarity and consistency:

A. "Administrative hearing" means a hearing process with respect to a citation, conducted in accordance with the procedures specified herein, initiated by a timely written request of a contestant dissatisfied with the results of the administrative review.
B. "Administrative review" means the initial citation review process, initiated by a contestant's timely request, and conducted by the issuing agency staff.
C. "Appeal" means the action taken by a contestant to request an administrative hearing.
D. "Citation" includes, but is not limited to notices of parking or standing violation, and notices of delinquent violation.
E. "Contestant" means any person or entity who is the registered owner, driver, rentee or lessee who is liable for parking penalties in accordance with the provisions of California Vehicle Code Sections 40200, et seq., and who contests or disputes liability for the parking penalties.
F. "DMV" means the state Department of Motor Vehicles.
G. "Issuing agency" means the Del Norte County Community Development Department, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Department, or the California Highway Patrol, whichever issues the parking citation; provided however that only the Community Development Department shall act as the issuing agency for the purpose of administrative review.
H. "Parking penalty" includes the applicable civil penalty for the violation specified on the citation, the late payment penalty, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) lien fee, if applicable.
I. "Parking violation" means any violation of any regulation governing the standing or parking of a vehicle under the California Vehicle Code, under any federal or state statute or regulation, or under any County of Del Norte ordinance or resolution.
J. "Revenue division” means the County of Del Norte Tax collector. Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, the Tax Collector shall act as the processing agency for parking and standing violations in accordance with Vehicle Code sections 40200 through 40230.