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Title: 10 - Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter: 16 - Restricted Driving Areas

Section: 150 - Point Saint George lands Definitions

As used in Sections 10.16.140 through 10.16.180, the following terms have the meanings as set forth in this section.

     "Point Saint George land" means the property lying west of the Del Norte County airport and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  These lands also include the land lying west of Pebble Beach Drive south of Washington Boulevard to Marhoffer Creek.

     "Motor Vehicle" means any vehicle with an engine or motor which is powered by means of internal combustion, electricity, solar energy, methane, or any other power source.

     "Permit" means a valid permit obtained to access North Beach as described in Section 10.16.100 or a lease agreement with the County to graze cattle upon the lands of Point Saint George. 


(Ord. 2003-04 § 12, 2003.)