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Title: 10 - Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter: 16 - Restricted Driving Areas

Section: 40 - Pebble Beach Driving determined harmful

The Board of Supervisors has determined after a hearing duly held for that purpose that the operation of motor vehicles on Pebble Beach between the angling access area at the foot of Pacific Avenue and continuing to North Beach at Pebble beach Drive also known as Radio Road is dangerous to persons using the beach and that the increased usage, noise, vehicle emissions and dune habitat deterioration is a disturbance to the peace of adjoining landowners and a public safety hazard due to the continued deterioration and irreparable damage of the dune area.


(Ord. 2003-004 § 2, 2003  Ord. 92-07 (part), 1992: Ord. 66-12 § 1, 1966.)