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Title: 11 - Airports

Chapter: 28 - Fire Hazards

Section: 10 - Aircraft fueling and defueling

A.  No aircraft shall be fueled or de-fueled while the aircraft engine is running (or while the aircraft is in a hangar or other enclosed space).

B.  No smoking shall be permitted within fifty feet of the aircraft or fuel truck while the aircraft is being fueled or de-fueled.

C.  During fuel handling, no passenger shall be permitted in or on the aircraft (unless a cabin attendant is stationed at or near the cabin door).

D.  All hoses, funnels and appurtenances used in fueling or de-fueling activities shall be equipped properly with a grounding device to prevent possible static ignition of volatile liquids. Such grounding devices shall be used during all fueling and de-fueling activities.

E.  During fuel-handling activities, no person shall operate any radio transmitter or receiver, nor switch electrical appliances on or off in such aircraft, or in the immediate vicinity (fifty feet) thereof.

F.  Every person engaged in aircraft fuel handling shall exercise due care to prevent the overflow of spilling of fuel.

G.  During the fuel handling, no person shall use any material device which is likely to cause a static spark, within fifty feet of such aircraft or fuel truck.

H.  Where there has been a fuel spill or leak, no person shall start the engine of any aircraft in close proximity until the spill or leak has been washed away. In the event of such spills or leaks, the airport manager shall be notified.

I.  Fuel hoses and draining or de-fueling equipment shall be maintained in a safe, sound and non-leaking condition.


(Ord. 79-12 § 23, 1979.)