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Title: 11 - Airports

Chapter: 36 - Aviation Advisory Commission

Section: 20 - Appointment

The members of the commission shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and shall represent the following interests or occupations:

A. Federal Aviation Administration: one member

B. Department of Community Development: one member

C. General Aviation Community: three members

D. At-large members from the general public, not directly connected with the aviation industry: three members

E. Two County Supervisors

F. Representative nominated by contractor of fire services: one member

G. Professional Aviation: One member.  Member must be an employee of a United States air carrier and active in airport manners.

H. Representative nominated by City of Brookings, Oregon: one member

I. Representative nominated by Curry County, Oregon: one member

J. Representative nominated by the City of Crescent City: one member

K. Representatives nominated by federally recognized tribal governments located in Del Norte County: three members

L. The Board of Supervisors may appoint up to three alternate members from any of the categories described above.



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