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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 02 - Establishment of a Consultation and Environmental Review Process

Section: 20 - Environmental Policy

The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors finds and declares:

A.  The protection of the custom and culture in Del Norte County is important to the present and future preservation of environmental quality for its people.

B.  The assurance for all Del Norte County citizens of a safe, healthful, productive, and culturally and aesthetically supportive environment is essential to the quality of life and human environment.

C.  Maintenance of a quality environment for the people of Del Norte County, now and in the future, is a matter of public concern.

D.  There is a need to understand the relationship between the maintenance of nature and the general welfare of the people who live, work, and play in Del Norte county, including the use of its natural resources.

E.  The capacity of the environment is limited. It is the intent of the Board of Supervisors to take those steps which are necessary to maintain the quality of the environment and to protect the economic stability of the county which supports its custom and culture.

F.  Every citizen of Del Norte County has a responsibility to contribute to the preservation of these standards and the enhancement of the environment.

G.  Effective management of natural resources requires systematic and coordinated efforts between public and private interests to enhance environmental quality and maintain economic stability.

H.  State and federal agencies promoting plans, programs and projects which may adversely affect private citizens who contribute to the economic stability of Del Norte County, shall assure that major consideration is given to protecting the environment without depriving county citizens of a decent home or their customs or cultures. 


(Ord. 2003-003 § 2, 2003.)