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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 04 - Urban and Rural Public Road Standards

Section: 105 - Phased improvements within existing subdivided urban area lands

Within existing or previously subdivided lands where a new road and/or an extension of an existing road is required, and the scale of the proposed development is such that phasing of these road stan­dards is appropriate, the following may be used to attempt to allocate improvements by neighborhood.

Phased improvements shall be subject to:

A.    Section 12.04.060 for classification of road and

B.    Section 12.04.065A for urban road right-of-way and

C.    Section 12.04.035 for deeding of right-of-way to the county and

D.    Construction of road improvements may be staged, as deter­ mined by the office of the county engineer and shall be based upon Section 12-04.070A urban road improvement require­ments. Design shall be completed prior to commencement of any construction and shall comply with the standards and specifications contained in Section 12.04.015. Structural section shall be, at a minimum completed through base rock placement for the urban public road. Open ditches may be installed in lieu of curb, gutter and storm drain in conjunction with base rock placement as a temporary measure, however, pavement surface, curb, gutter, storm drain, and sidewalks are to be the obligation of the property owner.

E.    Road improvements shall not be maintained by the county but shall be maintained by adjacent property owners as a private road until such time as the improved road meets county stan­dards and is contiguous to an existing county-maintained road.


(Ord. 97-17 (part), 1997.)