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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 04 - Urban and Rural Public Road Standards

Section: 2 - Application

A.    The standards of this chapter shall apply to the following pro­jects:

1.    Subdivisions

2.   Building permits, not including building permits for acces­sory uses to an existing residence and except as noted in subsection B of this section

3.    Use permits, not including use permits for accessory uses to an existing residence

4.    Grading permits for roads which will provide access for future projects listed above.

B.    When the total construction cost of alterations, structural repairs or additions of a building permit for an existing structure is less than a fifty percent increase in floor area and said project is not subject to CEQA the road improvements standards of this chapter do not apply. When the cumulative total of multiple permits for the same structure or location exceed the above limits within a five-year period, the road improvements stan­dards of this chapter do apply.

C.    Notwithstanding subsection B of this section, any building or structure (including a manufactured home) which is damaged or destroyed by fire, explosion, act of God, or act of the public enemy may be replaced or reconstructed and not be subject to the road improvement standards of this chapter provided all of the following conditions or facts apply:

1. The subject building or structure was lawfully in existence on the date upon which the subject building or structure was destroyed or damaged and the building or structure was in continuous use or occupancy for the previous twelve months and

2. The new structure or building will be located on the same site as the structure or building replaced and will have substantially the same size, purpose, and capacity as the structure replaced.

D.    Projects subject to CEQA, as part of impact mitigation, may require road improvements, both on-site and off-site, proportion­ate to the project under review, which are equal to and/or exceed the standards of this chapter. The requirements of the chapter do not preclude other related traffic improvements as determined by a traffic impact review. Other related improve­ments include, but are not limited to, traffic signalization, turn lanes, acceleration lanes, emergency parking lanes, etc.


(Ord. 97-17 (part), 1997.)