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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 04 - Urban and Rural Public Road Standards

Section: 95 - Reimbursement

A.  When development is proposed on property fronting a road that was constructed and completed in accordance with county maintained standards at the expense of another developer, the applicant shall pay to the county and the county shall reimburse the original developer an amount equal to his proportionate share of the actual original cost for:

1.     Acquired rights-of-way necessary to build said road across the applicant\'s frontage and

 2.     Construction of the road across the applicant\'s frontage.

No reimbursement is required if more than ten years have elapsed from the date of completion of the subject road to the date of the application of the current pending development. The date of completion shall be established by the date of verifica­tion of completion as per the approved plans by the county engineer or by the date of any recorded notice of completion prepared by the office of the county engineer.

B.   Any reimbursement levied in accordance with this section shall be collected prior to issuance of a building permit, use permit, grading or encroachment permit, or the filing of a map subdividing real property, whichever is applicable.


(Ord. 97-17 (part), 1997.)