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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 05 - Standards for Private Rural Roads

Section: 60 - Other geometric standards and specifications

The following additional geometric standards and specifications shall apply to all roads covered under this chapter.

A.    All streets shall intersect as nearly as possible at right angles.

B.    Streets entering upon opposite sides of a given street shall have their centerlines directly opposite each other, or said centerlines shall be offset at least three hundred feet.

C.    Improvements to private rural roads shall extend from the nearest county-maintained road to the farthest property line of the most remote lot of the development, or to the end of the turnaround if the road does not go through.

D.    Drainage improvements shall be designed to carry runoff from a ten-year storm provided, however, that residential building sites are protected from a storm of one-hundred-year frequency.

E.    Road grades shall be no steeper than sixteen percent.

F.    Unpaved roads shall have three percent crown and paved roads a two percent crown.

G.    Dead-end roads shall be constructed with turnarounds at the end. The turnaround shall either be a cul-de-sac or a hammerhead. The structural section shall be equivalent to the structural section of the ad­joining roadway.

H.    Additional granular base material may be required, depending on soil conditions and as determined by the director of public works.

I.   Horizontal and vertical alignment shall be consistent with good engineering practice and take into consideration the topography of the area.

J.    Crushed rock surfacing material shall be Caltrans Class 2 Aggregate Base-three-fourths inches maximum, or as approved by the director of public works.

K     Asphalt concrete shall be medium gradation, Type B asphalt concrete in conformance with Section 39 of the latest edition of the Caltrans Standard Specifications.


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