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Title: 12 - Roads, Parks and Waterways

Chapter: 08 - Tree, Fence, and Shrub

Section: 10 - Location and height restrictions

Except as provided in this section, it is unlawful for the owner, lessee or occupant of any corner lot at a County maintained street or highway intersection to keep, maintain, or permit to be kept or maintained any structure or vegetation within a distance of thirty feet plus one-half of the right-of-way width of the adjacent street, road, or highway from the point of intersection of the roadway centerline at any intersection, whether between the curb line and property line or within the affected portion of the lot or premises. The area so defined is designated the sight-distance area. "Corner lot", as defined by section 20.04.470 of the Del Norte County Code, means a lot situated at the intersection of two or more streets, or bounded on two or more adjacent sides of street lines.

Except for trees, a structure or vegetation may be maintained within the site-distance area only if the height of the structure or vegetation does not exceed three feet above the level of the street at the roadway centerline. Trees are permitted in the sight-distance area provided (1) that the main stocks or trunk are exposed to a height of eight feet above the street level at the roadway centerline and (2) that the trees do not constitute an obstruction to the view of the intersection to approaching vehicles or to persons. Notwithstanding anything in this section, the board of supervisors may hereafter by resolution determine that the trees at any intersection constitute a hazard and require removal. Fences free from vegetation which do not obstruct the vision of pedestrians or drivers of vehicles may be retained in the sight-distance area if otherwise permitted by law. Other sight distance obstructions allowed are traffic control devices, public utility poles, and places where contours of the ground allow no cross-visibility at the intersection.

The location and height restrictions are only applicable to land located outside of the boundary of the California Coastal Zone. For location and height restrictions for fences, structures and other obstructions located or proposed for corner lots located within the boundary of the California Coastal Zone refer to Section 21.46.070 of Chapter 21.46, Title 21 of the Del Norte County Code.


(Ord. 299 § 1, 1955, Ord. 2010-006)