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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 01 - Wireless Communications Facilities

Section: 30 - Wireless Communications Facilities in County Rights-of-Way

A. Any person seeking to construct, install or maintain a wireless communications facility in the County rights-of-way, outside the coastal zone, shall obtain an administrative permit.

B. An administrative permit may be issued by the Director of Community Development (the “Director”) pursuant to the following:

      1. Each wireless communications facility requires a separate administrative permit;
      2. The proposed wireless communications facility shall comply with the wireless communication facility design criteria adopted by the Board of Supervisors;
      3. The administrative permit shall authorize the placement of a wireless communications facility for a period of 10 years;
      4. The Director shall impose conditions as necessary to ensure the placement and operation of the wireless communications facility does not incommode the public use of the road or highway. Those conditions shall, at a minimum, require a recurring annual fee for use of the County right of way equal to the County’s actual annual cost or an amount agreed upon with the permittee.
      5. If, during the term of the permit, the permittee wishes to modify the wireless communications facility, the permittee must apply for and obtain a second administrative permit for the purpose of review of the facility for consistency with the design criteria. The Director may impose new conditions reasonably related to the modification of the facility. However, the 10 year term shall not be extended except upon agreement of both the permittee and the Director.

C. In addition to the administrative permit, an encroachment permit, and where applicable, a building permit, shall be required prior to the placement of the facility.