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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 04 - Underground Utility District

Section: 60 - Other exceptions

In any resolution adopted pursuant to Section 15.04.030, the county may authorize any or all of the following exceptions:

A.    Any municipal facilities or equipment installed under the supervision and to the satisfaction of the      director of public works

B.    Overhead wires without supporting structures crossing any portion of a district, within which overhead wires have been prohibited, or connecting to buildings on the perimeter of a district, when such wires originate in an area from which poles, overhead wires and associated overhead structures are not prohibited

C.    Overhead wires attached to the exterior surface of a building by means of a bracket or other fixture and extending from one location on the building to another location on the same building or to an adjacent building without crossing any public street.


(Ord. 73-15 § 6, 1973.)