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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 12 - Sewer System-General Provisions

Section: 60 - Sewage disposal policy generally

A.  The district operates systems of trunk and collector sewers serving homes, industries and commercial establishments. Also, the city has built and operates wastewater treatment and disposal facilities.

B.  Generally, liquid wastes originating within the district\'s boundaries will be removed by the district\'s sewerage systems provided the wastes will not:

1. Damage structures

2. Create nuisances such as odors

3. Menace public health

4. Impose unreasonable collection, treatment or disposal costs on the city

5. Interfere with wastewater treatment processes

6. Exceed quality requirements set by regulatory government agencies or

7. Detrimentally affect the local environment.

C.  The highest and best use of the district and city\'s sewerage systems is the conveyance, treatment and disposal of domestic wastewater. The use of the city\'s treatment and disposal systems for industrial wastewater discharges is subject to further regulation by the city.

D.  To comply with stated policies of the state and federal governments and to permit the district and city to meet increasingly higher standards of treatment-plant effluent quality provisions are made in Chapters 15.08 through 15.44 for the regulation of industrial wastewater discharges. These chapters provide guidelines for establishing quantity and quality limitations, by separate resolution, on industrial wastewater discharges which may adversely affect the district and/or the city\'s effluent quality. Guidelines for cost recovery from industrial wastewater dischargers are also established for adoption by separate resolution. Further, these chapters provide guidelines for establishing connection and user fees by separate resolution.

E.  Optimum use of the facilities of the district may necessitate that the district require that certain industrial wastewaters be discharged during periods of low flow in the sewerage systems of the district.


(Ord. 77-42 § 205, 1977.)