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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 24 - Sewer System-Design and Construction

Section: 10 - Design and construction standards

A.  Minimum standards for the design and construction of sewers within the district shall be in accordance with district planning goals. District design standards heretofore or hereafter adopted by district engineer, with the consent of the board, may permit modifications or may require higher standards where unusual conditions are encountered. Reimbursement to developers for oversizing costs will be based upon real difference in costs due to oversizing or trench depth. Final cost to the district will be established by the manager. Modifications may include larger pipe diameters and increased depth of pipe.

B.  Three complete sets of "as-built" drawings showing the actual location of all mains, structures, wyes and laterals shall be filed with the district before final acceptance of the work.


(Ord. 77-42 § 507, 1977.)