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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 32 - Sewer System-Industrial Wastewaters

Section: 40 - Industrial wastewater discharge Permit Application

A.  Applicants for a permit for industrial wastewater discharge shall complete a district application form available at the office of the manager. The district engineer may require additional information on the characteristics of the wastewater discharge beyond that required on the application form.

B.  Upon receipt of all required information, the application shall be processed and upon approval be signed by the manager, and one copy returned to the applicant. When properly signed, the application form shall constitute a valid permit for industrial wastewater discharge.

C.  The application shall be approved if the applicant has complied with all applicable requirements of Chapters 15.08 through 15.44, and furnished to the district all requested information, and if the district engineer determines that there is adequate capacity in the district\'s facilities to convey, treat and dispose of the wastewaters.


(Ord. 77-42 § 702, 1977.)