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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 36 - Sewer System-Permits and Charges

Section: 115 - Development fee

A.  A development fee, established in this section, shall be imposed as a condition of issuance of all building permits that require the obtainment of a sewer connection for the disposal of sewage into sewer lines that discharge into lift station number five of the county service area number one, assessment district number two. The term "the obtainment of a sewer connection" as used in this section is meant to include, but not be limited to, an increase in the equivalent single-family connection factor (ESFC) of an existing sewer connection, as well as the obtainment of a new sewer connection.

B.  The development fee shall be in the amount of one thousand four hundred and twenty-four dollars per ESFC obtained in connection with new development. The fee shall increase annually, upon the first day of each fiscal year in accordance with any increase in the consumer price index over the previous twelve months. The consumer price index, as used in this section, means the average for all items as shown on the United States city average for urban wage earners and clerical workers as promulgated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor.

C.  This fee is established expressly for the purpose of reimbursing the county service area number one, assessment district number two, reserve fund for the costs of constructing the public improvements entitled "improvements to lift station number five, county service area number one, assessment district number two." The information for the costs of the improvements to lift station number five and the allocation of connections to lift station number five area available in the office of the county service area.


(Ord. 92-01 § 1, 1992.)