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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 36 - Sewer System-Permits and Charges

Section: 150 - Industrial wastewater treatment surchargeDetermination

A.  An industrial wastewater treatment surcharge shall be paid to the district monthly, by those industrial wastewater dischargers whose contribution of flow, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids or peak flow create costs in excess of their monthly sewer service charge. The treatment surcharge shall be based upon the sewerage systems and treatment plant total maintenance, operation and capital expenditures for providing industrial wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services.

B.  These charges are set by the board by resolution, and are based upon the dischargers\' flow, organic strength and the suspended solids in the stream. The flow shall be determined by the metered water consumption or, if in the opinion of the district engineer the water use as measured by the water meter does not fairly represent the total flow, he may require the discharger to meter and record his flow at the point where it discharges to a district sewer.

C.  The quantities for yearly total flows, COD, suspended solids and peak-flow rates used may be established by engineering estimation short-term sampling, analysis and flow measurement extrapolated to a yearly total or by extensive sampling, analysis and flow measurement, all as approved by the district engineer.

D.  The district engineer shall set the minimum requirements for sampling, analysis and flow measurement by the discharger necessary to establish quantities to be used in the above formula.


(Ord. 77-42 § 815, 1977.)