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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 36 - Sewer System-Permits and Charges

Section: 70 - Connection chargesEstablishedTime for payment

A.  The board shall, by resolution, establish sewer connection charges so as to require each sewer user to pay a proportionate share of sewer lines, lift station, and treatment facilities that have been or will be necessary to serve said parcel. In the determination of said connection charge, due consideration shall be given to taxes and charges previously paid to the district which were used to fund sewer and treatment plant expenses for which no service was provided.

B.  The applicable connection charge provided for by this chapter shall be paid prior to the time of issuance of the connection permit, except in any case where connection is to be made to an extension of the sewer system constructed in assessment district proceedings, and in each such case the applicable charge shall be paid from the proceeds realized from said assessment district proceedings as soon as such proceeds become available for the purpose.


(Ord 77-42 § 807, 1977.)