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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 36 - Sewer System-Permits and Charges

Section: 80 - Extension charges

A.    In general, those persons requiring service that requires a main extension to or in front of their property shall pay the entire costs of such service, which in some cases may be partially reimbursable if other parties connect, all as allowed by district ordinance. Upon application, the manager will determine the cost of such extension and arrange for such extension, either by district or outside contract services. Upon approval by the board, and upon advance of funds by applicant for such work, the district will cause the work to be performed. If the developer elects to perform the work, said work will be inspected by the district engineer and accepted prior to connection to the existing system.

B.    The district shall use, as a guide for the cost of such services, the average cost of initial installation for the district system, modified by inflation, depth, paving and ground conditions, as determined by the manager. If the work is to be accomplished by district forces, or by outside contract, the estimated cost will be placed on deposit prior to the commencement of work. Any actual difference in costs will either be refunded to the applicant or paid in addition by the applicant prior to the use of the main extension.


(Ord. 77-42 § 808, 1977.)