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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 44 - Sewer System-Enforcement

Section: 70 - Wastewater sampling procedures

A.  Periodic measurements of flow rates, flow volume, COD, BOD, grease and suspended solids for use in determining the annual industrial wastewater treatment charges and such measurements of other constituents believed necessary by the district shall be made by all industrial wastewater dischargers, unless specifically relieved of such obligation by the district. All sampling, analyses and flow measurements of industrial wastewaters shall be performed by a state-certified independent laboratory or by a laboratory of the industrial discharger approved by the district. If performed by district personnel, an appropriate charge shall be paid by the discharger requesting the tests. Prior to submittal to the district of data developed in the laboratory of an industrial discharger, the results shall be verified by a responsible administrative official of the industrial discharger under the penalty of perjury.

B.  All dischargers making periodic measurements shall furnish and install at the control manhole or other appropriate location a calibrated flume, weir, flow meter or similar device approved by the district and suitable to measure the industrial wastewater flow rate and total volume. A flow indicating, recording and totalizing register may be required by the district. In lieu of wastewater flow measurements, the district may accept records of water usage and adjust the flow volumes by suitable factors to determine peak and average flow rates for the specific industrial wastewater discharge.

C.  The sampling, analysis and flow measurement procedures, equipment and results shall be subject at any time to inspection by the district. Sampling and flow measurement facilities shall be such as to provide safe access to authorized personnel.

D.  Those industrial wastewater dischargers required by the district to make periodic measurements of industrial wastewater flows and constituents shall annually make the minimum number of such measurements required. The minimum requirement for such periodic measurements shall be at least one twenty-four-hour measurement per year.

E.  Measurements to verify the quantities of waste flows and waste constituents reported by industrial dischargers will be conducted on a random basis by personnel of the district.


(Ord. 77-42 § 907, 1977.)