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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 44 - Sewer System-Enforcement

Section: 80 - Accidental dischargesNotification and statement required

A.  Dischargers shall notify the district engineer immediately when accidental discharges of wastes in violation of Chapters 15.08 through 15.44 occur, so that countermeasures may be taken by the district to minimize damage to the sewer system, treatment plant, treatment processes and the receiving waters. Such notification will not relieve dischargers of liability for any expense, loss or damage to the sewer system, treatment plant or treatment process, or for any fines imposed on the district and/or city on account thereof by any state or federal regulatory agencies.

B.  In the event of accidental discharge in violation of the sewer ordinance or these regulations, the discharger shall furnish the district engineer, within fifteen days of the date of occurrence, a detailed written statement describing the causes of the accidental discharge and the measures being taken to prevent future occurrence.


(Ord. 77-42 § 908, 1977.)