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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 48 - Private Wastewater Disposal Systems

Section: 10 - Findings and purpose

The board of supervisors of the county finds:

A.  One of the most significant areas available for serving the growth pressures facing the county is the Northcrest area. Because of its location, as well as zoning and spread of population, this area offers natural avenues for well-planned infilling development.

B.  A severe housing shortage exists in the Del Norte County area, leading to rising costs which in turn increases pressure on the low and fixed income population of the county. A delay of several years in new housing starts while construction is proceeding on the Northcrest area collection facilities would inflict a profound hardship on those segments of society in Del Norte County.

C.  Many parcels of land in the Northwest area are large units, easily capable of supporting private wastewater disposal systems until said construction is completed, while allowing for reserve areas in event of failure and ensuring the total protection of the environment of the county.

D.  No goals, policies or purposes of the clean water grant program, or of any Del Norte County ordinance are hindered or interfered with by this chapter because all permits for private wastewater disposal systems issued hereunder are temporary only. It is the intention of the board of supervisors of the county to permit, where appropriate and approved, private wastewater disposal systems only as an interim measure until such time as each building or parcel is able to connect to the regional treatment facility. It is further the intention of the board of supervisors to allow only those private wastewater disposal systems that will adequately maintain the health, safety and well-being of the inhabitants of the county. No such system will be permitted in any area where there exists known or documented health hazards. In addition, only those property owners who have fully paid for sewer connections shall be eligible to apply for the temporary private wastewater disposal system permits provided for herein.


(Ord. 79-12 § 1, 1979.)