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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 48 - Private Wastewater Disposal Systems

Section: 40 - Application for permit

A.  Each application for a permit to construct a private wastewater disposal system shall be made on a form provided by the director of public works.

B.  The information which the applicant is required to present on said application includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following information:

1.  Complete design of the private wastewater disposal system signed and stamped by a registered engineer of the state. Said design shall include soil analysis, wet weather percolation and depth to groundwater tests, and plot plan showing locations of private wastewater disposal site.

2.  Full documentation that a private wastewater disposal system as designed to be operated shall comply with all the provisions and applicable regulations of the county and the state.

3.  Full documentation that the applicant has been issued a sewer connection for the parcel involved, and that all fees required by the department of public works have been paid..


(Ord. 79-12 § 3, 1979.)