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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 48 - Private Wastewater Disposal Systems

Section: 50 - Design

A.    Registered Engineer. Private wastewater disposal systems allowed under this chapter shall be designed by and signed by a registered engineer familiar with the use and operation of private wastewater disposal systems.

B.    Criteria.

1.  The minimum life expectancy of the private wastewater disposal system shall be ten years.

2.  The leach field shall be designed from a wet weather percolation test, soil samples and wet weather groundwater information, and shall be designed and installed in accordance with Humboldt-Del Norte County sanitation regulations and all applicable state laws or regulations.

3.  All septic tanks shall be installed so that a building sewer can be readily connected to a lateral sewer.

4.  If a community sewer adjoins the property, a lateral sewer shall be installed at the time the private wastewater system is installed.

5.  All single residential private wastewater disposal systems shall be Class D as described in sewage disposal regulations published by the health office of Humboldt-Del Norte County.

6.  Private wastewater disposal system permits shall be available only for detached single-family residences or mobile homes not located in mobile home parks.


(Ord. 79-12 § 5, 1979.)