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Title: 15 - Utilities

Chapter: 48 - Private Wastewater Disposal Systems

Section: 70 - Agreement

Prior to construction of the private wastewater disposal system for parcels of land located in all zones, the applicant will be required to sign an agreement with the county recognizing the temporary nature of the private wastewater disposal system. The agreement will require the applicant or his heirs, assigns or successors in interest to connect to the public sewer within ninety days after notice to connect by the county. It is specifically intended that this agreement shall be recorded and shall run with each parcel of property affected thereby. Notice to connect shall be given by the department of public works when the Northcrest area collection system is sufficiently completed and accepted by the city of Crescent City, to allow sewage from the applicant\'s parcel to enter into the public sewer. If the applicant desires any extensions of this ninety-day requirement, he shall appeal in writing to the board of supervisors, stating the reasons for this request. The board may grant reasonable extensions if it finds unusual or unique circumstances with respect to the applicant\'s situation which render it inequitable or impossible for the applicant to connect immediately.


(Ord. 79-12 § 7, 1979.)