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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 04 - General Provisions

Section: 33 - County entitlements equivalent to coastal development permits

Where development within the California Coastal Zone requires the issuance of an entitlement pursuant to this title, the entitlement shall serve as the coastal development permit, subject to compliance with this title; except that:
A.   No person who has obtained a vested right in a development, as determined by the
       Coastal Commission, prior to the effective date of this chapter or who holds a valid
       permit from the California Coastal Commission pursuant to the California Coastal
       Act of 1976 shall be required to secure approval for the development pursuant to this
       chapter; provided, however, that no substantial change may be made in any such
       development without prior approval having been obtained under this title; and
B.   Any person who holds a valid entitlement issued by the county of Del Norte issued prior to the effective data of this chapter but does not meet
      the requirements of subsections A of this section shall within one year of the effective date reapply to the county as if for a new entitlement.
      Where no substantial change is made in the project the following shall apply:
1.    Repetition of review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act
       May be waived; and
2.   The project shall only be reviewed for consistency with the certified local coastal program and shall be approved if consistency is affirmed. Such
      approval may include coastal program consistency; and
3.  The effective date of the entitlement shall be the date of final action regarding the reapplication.
(Ord. 83-03 (part), 1983.)