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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 08 - Tentative Maps

Section: 40 - Environmental review committee Duties

A.  The environmental review committee (ERC) shall make recommendations to the planning commission regarding tentative maps. When necessary, a field review of the property may be made by members of ERC. In such cases, the applicant or his representative will be notified of the approximate time and date of the review.

B.  If the committee believes that the tentative map or information furnished is insufficient to allow the preparation of recommendations, it shall, at the earliest opportunity but no later than thirty days from the receipt of the application, advise the applicant or his representative of the additional information necessary. Until the additional information has been submitted, the application shall be considered incomplete. This additional information shall include, but not be limited to, environmental documents, soils analysis, depth to groundwater tests, topographical data, drainage data, etc. Unless a request in writing is made by the applicant to the county planner to forward a tentative map to the planning commission pursuant to Section 16.12.050 of this title, the ERC shall consider there to be implied mutual consent to a waiver of the time limitations prescribed under Government Code Sections 66452.1 and 66452.4.

C.  The ERC recommendations shall be contained in the staff report to the planning commission. There shall be a recommendation for action on an environmental document, approval or denial of the application and any appropriate contingencies.

D.  A copy of the staff report shall be forwarded to the applicant prior to the planning commission meeting. An applicant may withdraw the map in writing from the planning commission agenda and reschedule it for an ERC meeting. An applicant or his representative may attend any ERC meeting if they so desire.


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