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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 12 - Action Following Final Approval of Tentative Map

Section: 20 - Subdivision improvements

A.   No improvements on major subdivisions, other than clearing, shall be begun until the estimated cost of county inspection services, as such cost is estimated by the county engineer, has been deposited with the department of public works and construction plans in a form as required herein have been approved in writing by the county engineer and water portability and quantity has been certified by the health officer such plans shall be prepared by or under the direction of a registered civil engineer, licensed by the state, and shall show the complete plans, profiles and details for all street work, drainage channels and embankments, including sedimentation and erosion controls, bridges, the location of underground utilities which may control the location and elevation of storm drains and culverts, the location of fire hydrants, street monuments, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, fences required by this title, gates, driveways if constructed in conjunction with subdivision improvements, and other improvements which may be required to complete the work. If the plans include five or more sheets, a key map showing plans shall be included on the first sheet of the plans.

B.   Fees for construction plan checking for all subdivisions and fees for county inspection services for minor subdivisions, shall be as prescribed in the current fee schedule resolution of the board of supervisors. All fees shall be paid prior to the county incurring any costs for providing these services.

C.   If the improvements include sanitary sewers, storm drains or water systems to be accepted by a public agency other than the county, the plans shall be reviewed and approved by the accepting jurisdiction prior to the approval of the remainder of the plans by the department of public works.

D.   The plans and profiles shall be submitted on uniform size sheets, twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches overall dimension. A border shall be provided with a suitable title block in the lower right-hand corner. The scales for various portions of the drawings, and the north arrow where applicable, shall be shown on all sheets. Reference may be made to applicable county standard details in lieu of duplicating the drawings thereon.

E.   Prior to approval of the construction plans for major subdivisions, unless waived in writing by the department of public works, a true statement shall be given to the county engineer indicating the maximum fill used, or proposed to be used, on each lot and a true statement indicating the soil has been or will be prepared in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified, registered civil engineer.

The fact that the report has been made shall be noted on the final map, together with the date of the report and the name and registration number of the engineer who prepared the report. Approval of the final map does not constitute approval of the soil investigation, the preliminary soil report, or the engineer\'s statement on soil geologic conditions.

F.   Unless extended by mutual agreement, the department of public works shall report to the subdivider within thirty days after submission of plans, either approving said plans or specifying corrections necessary. The approval of the improvement plans by the county engineer, when improvements are required, shall be a condition precedent to the approval of the final map by the board of supervisors.

G.   Agreement in Lieu of Construction.

1. In lieu of constructing the facilities prior to recording of the final map or to the filing of a parcel map, the subdivider may enter into an agreement to construct the improvements within one year pursuant to Section 66462 of the Government Code, or, with the consent of the board of supervisors, to construct improvements from time to time as provided by law

2. The subdivider shall furnish good and sufficient improvement security for such improvements as defined in Section 66499 of the Subdivision Map Act, in an amount not less than one hundred percent of the total estimated cost of the improvement or the act to be performed, conditioned on the faithful performance of the act or the agreement, and fifty percent of the total estimated cost of the improvement or act to be performed securing payment to the contractor, his subcontractors, and to persons furnishing labor and materials or equipment to them for the improvement or the performance of the required act and

3. The agreement for improvements for a subdivision creating five or more parcels may be extended for a maximum period not exceeding two years.

H.    All improvements shall be done under the inspection of the department of public works.

I.    Following the approval of the construction of the facilities to be dedicated to the county, the subdivider shall enter into an agreement to maintain the work for a period of one year following the completion and acceptance by the board of supervisors against any defective work or labor done or defective materials furnished in the construction. The county may, in lieu of a one­year guarantee by the subdivider, accept the guarantee of a reputable contractor who did the work.

J.    The subdivider or contractor, as provided in subsection I of this section, shall furnish good and sufficient security as defined above, guaranteeing the maintenance of the improvements.

K     The board of supervisors, when the agreements and bonds are received from the subdivider and the facilities are constructed to their satisfaction, shall, within thirty days of receiving the request of the subdivider, accept the facilities.

L.    Following the completion of improvements to be accepted by the county and prior to the filing of the final map the county engineer, upon request of the subdivider, shall determine the actual cost of county inspection services, and advise the subdivider thereof. If the amount exceeds the estimate deposited with the director under subsection A, the subdivider shall pay the remaining amount due to the county engineer, and if the amount is less than the estimate, the county shall promptly refund the overpayment to the subdivider.

M.    Flammable vegetation generated as a result of land clearing, site development, road and driveway construction shall be disposed of or binding commitment to dispose submitted and accepted by the county prior to completion of road construc­tion or final inspection of the subdivision improvements. Disposal may be any approved method, including but not limited to chipping, on-site burning, or removal to an approved disposal site.


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