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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 12 - Action Following Final Approval of Tentative Map

Section: 40 - Parcel map

A.  After the approval or conditional approval of the tentative minor subdivision map, and prior to the expiration of such map, the subdivider may cause the real property included with the map, or any part thereof, to be surveyed and a parcel map thereof prepared in accordance with the approved or conditionally approved tentative map.

B.  The planning commission, at its option, as a condition of approval, may under certain circumstances "waive" the requirement for a parcel map to be filed with the county recorder. The required findings to be made by the commission shall be:

1.  There is no special privilege being conferred upon the property owner

2.  Circumstances such as, but not limited to, surveying problems may be cited as sufficient cause warranting a waiver of the parcel map

3.  Findings are made concerning the items listed in Section 66428 of the Subdivision Map Act related to area, improvement and design, floodwater drainage control, appropriate improved public roads, sanitary disposal facilities, water supply availability, and environmental protection.

A "waiver" can only be granted with tentative map approval.

C.  The county engineer and county planner or their desig­nates shall approve the parcel map if it conforms to all the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and the county code applicable at the time of approval or conditional approval of the tentative map and any rulings made thereunder or, if it does not so conform, disapprove the parcel map. The subdivider may appeal the decision in writing within thirty days to the board of supervisors.

D.  If, at the time of approval of the parcel map by the county engineer and county planner, any improvements required by the planning commission have not been completed, the director of public works may allow the subdivider to enter into one of the following agreements:

1.   An agreement with the department of public works upon mutually agreeable terms to thereafter complete such improvement at the subdivider\'s expense

2.   An agreement with the department of public works to thereafter

a.  Initiate and consummate proceedings under an appropriate special assessment act for the financing and completion of all such improvements, or

b.  If not completed under such special assessment act, to complete such improvements at the subdivider\'s expense.

E.   The county engineer or his designate may accept or reject dedications and offers of dedication that are made by certificate on the parcel map.


(Ord. 82-09 § 2 Exh. A(28) and (29), 1982 Ord. 79-19 (part), 1979.)