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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 14 - Action Following Approval of Final Map or Parcel Map

Section: 30 - Time limitations

A.    The county recorder shall have not more than ten days within which to examine a final or parcel map and either accept or reject it for filing.

B.    If the county recorder accepts the map for filing, such acceptance shall be certified on the face thereof. The map shall be securely fastened in a book of subdivision maps, in a book of parcel maps, or in a book of cities and towns which shall be kept for that purpose, or in such other manner as will assure that such maps will be kept together. The map shall become a part of the official records of the county recorder upon its acceptance by him for filing.

C.    The fee for filing and indexing such a map is as prescribed in Section 27372 of the Government Code.

D.    The original map shall be stored for safekeeping in a reproducible condition. The county recorder may maintain for public reference a set of counter maps that are prints of the original maps and produce the original maps for comparison upon demand.


(Ord. 79-19 (part), 1979.)