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Title: 16 - Subdivisions

Chapter: 16 - Vesting Tentative Maps

Section: 50 - Filing and processing

A vesting tentative map shall be filed in the same form and have the same contents, accompanying data and reports, and shall be processed in the same manner as set forth in the Subdivision Ordinance for a major subdivision tentative map, except as hereinafter provided:

A.    At the time a vesting tentative map is filed, it shall have printed conspicuously on its face the words "Vesting Tentative Map."

B.    At the time a vesting tentative map is filed a subdivider shall also supply the following information:

1.    Height, size and location of buildings to be constructed as part of the development project

2.    Information on the uses to which the buildings will be specifically put

3.    Any other information normally deferred to tile building permit process.


(Ord. 86-01 (part), 1986.)