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Title: 18 - Signs

Chapter: 22 - Permits Required

Section: 10 - Permits required

A.  If a sign requiring a permit under the provisions of this title is to be placed, constructed, erected, or modified on a zone lot, the owner of the lot shall secure a sign permit, and where necessary a building permit, prior to the construction, placement, erection, or modification of such a sign in accordance with the require­ments of Chapter 18.26. Furthermore, the property owner shall maintain in force, at all times, a sign permit for such sign in accordance with. Chapters 18.24, 18.26, and 18.34.

B.  No signs shall be erected in the public right-of-way except in accordance with Chapter 18.14.

C.  No sign permit or sign rile of any kind shall be issued for an existing or proposed sign unless such sign is consistent with the requirements of this title (including those protecting existing signs) and the sign permit or file then in effect for the property.


(Ord. 92-19 (part), 1992.)