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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 100 - Procedure and Requirements for Determination of Permitted Rates

Section: 3

SubSection: 05 Submittal of incomplete Form 393 by the franchisee to the franchising authority

In the event the franchisee submits FCC Form 393, or any similar form required by the FCC, to the franchising authority without attaching the auditor\'s opinion required pursuant to Sections and, the franchising authority may, in its sole discretion, either.

A.   Accept the submittal as complete and draw all adverse inferenc­es arising from such inadequacy, provided that the franchising authority gives the franchisee the opportunity to augment the submittal to rectify the insufficiency or

B.    Deem the franchisee\'s Form 393, or any similar form required by the FCC, as incomplete. In such case, the franchising authority shall return such incomplete form to the franchisee. In the event such form is returned by the franchising authority to the franchisee, the franchisee shall be deemed as not yet having filed its schedule of rates for the basic service tier and associated regulated equipment as provided by 47 CFR § 76.930.


(Ord. 94-06 § 9 (part), 1994.)