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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 100 - Procedure and Requirements for Determination of Permitted Rates

Section: 3

SubSection: 06 Written interrogatories

In the event that the franchising authority requires further infor­mation to perform its review of the franchisee\'s proposed rates, the franchising authority may propound written interrogatories to the franchisee with respect to any matter affecting the franchisee\'s proposed rates. The franchisee shall provide written responses to such interrogatories, along with any requested documentation which supports such responses, within ten days of the date of such interrog­atories. Such responses shall be provided under the same certification as required on Form 393 and shall be deemed to be addenda to the Form 393 previously submitted by the franchisee. To the extent such responses or documentation contain proprietary information or data, and upon request of the franchisee identifying with specificity the proprietary information sought to be protected, such responses or documentation shall be kept confidential pursuant to Government Code § 6254(n), as records exempt from the disclosure requirements of the Public Records Act. The franchisee shall be stopped from contesting any adverse determination by the franchising authority if the franchisee fails to provide the requested responses and/or documentation within the time allowed.


(Ord. 94-06 § 9 (part), 1994.)