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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 36 - Department of Weights and Measures

Section: 20 - Consumer affairs divisionAdministration

The Del Norte County sealer of weights and measures is authorized to administer the division and direct the program as follows:

A.   To receive complaints of unfair business practices and dealings against the consumer,

B.   To report all law violations in connection therewith to the proper city, county, state or federal agency

C.   To assist, develop and conduct programs of consumer education before organizations on request

D.   To disseminate information through the news media, displays and pamphlets, alerting consumers to misleading and deceptive practices

E.   To cooperate with city, county, state and federal agencies to protect and promote the interests of Del Norte County consumers

F.   To encourage local business and industry to maintain high standards of honesty, fair business practices and public responsibility in products, promotion and sale of consumer goods and services.


(Ord. 72-3 § 2, 1972.)