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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 50 - Del Norte Children and Families Commission

Section: 20 - Appointment

A.  Members of the commission shall be appointed, selected and removed by the board of supervisors of Del Norte County. Except as provided herein, members shall serve terms of four years, without limit on the number of terms. Members shall con­duct the commission\'s activities in a manner consistent with the intent of the Children and Families First Initiative, and with established county practices.

B.  The initial appointments to the commission shall include three appointments to four-year terms and two appointments to two­-year terms.

C.  Members of the county commission shall not be compensated for their services, except that they shall be paid reasonable per them and reimbursement of reasonable expenses for attending meetings and discharging other official responsibilities as autho­rized by the county commission.


(Ord. 98-013 (part), 1998.)