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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 98 - Inconsistent Incompatible or Conflicting Employment

Section: 30 - Certain outside activities prohibited

The following outside activities are determined by the board of supervisors to be inconsistent with, incompatible to, or in conflict with all employees\' duties and are therefore prohibited:

    A. Any activity which involves the use for private gain or advantage of the county\'s time, facilities, equipment and sup­plies, on the badge, uniform, prestige or influence of the employee\'s office or position

    B.  Any activity which involves receipt or acceptance by the employee of any money or other consideration from any­one other than the county for the performance of an act which the employee would be required or expected to render in the regular course or hours of his county employ­ment or as a part of his duties as a county employee

    C.  Any activity which involves the performance of an act in other than his capacity as a county employee which act may later be subject directly or indirectly to the control, inspec­tion, review, audit or enforcement of any other county em­ployee

    D.    Any activity which involves such time demands as would render performance of his duties as a county employee less efficient.


(Ord. 80-07 § 3, 1980.)