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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 26 - C-2 District - Light Commercial

Section: 20 - Permitted uses

Uses permitted shall be as follows:
  1. Hotels, motels, clubs and lodge halls, hospitals, sanitariums and clinics

  2. Retail stores and shops of a light commercial character and conducted within a building including appliance stores, bakeries, banks, barber shops, beauty parlors, boat and trailer sales yards, book stores, bus terminals, cleaner and laundry agencies, commercial recreation facilities, department stores, dress shops, drug stores, furniture stores, grocery stores, general merchandising establishments, launderettes, millinery shops, new and used car sales, office buildings, professional offices, real estate offices, regional shop-ping centers, restaurants, refreshment stands, service stations, shoe shops, storage garages, studios, theaters, tailor shops, and other uses which are of similar character to those enumerated and which will not be detrimental or obnoxious to the neighborhood in which they are to be located, except those which contain department store, variety store or dry goods sales area of greater than five thousand square feet

  3. Agriculture where site area is one acre or more

  4. Accessory buildings and accessory uses appurtenant to a permitted use.


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