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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 32 - P-C District - Planned Community

Section: 30 - Application for use permit

Application for the establishment of a P-C district includes an application for a use permit for all developments within the district. Such application for a use permit includes the following:

A.  A map or maps showing:

    1.  Topography of the land. Show one foot contour interval where the natural terrain is in general

        under twenty percent slope and five foot contours on terrain of over twenty percent slope,

    2.  Proposed street system and lot design,

    3.  Areas proposed to be dedicated or reserved for parks, parkways, playgrounds, school sites, public

        or quasi-public buildings and other such uses,

    4.  Areas proposed for commercial uses, off-street parking, multiple and single family dwellings and        all other uses proposed to be established within the district,

    5.  Proposed locations of buildings on the land

B. Elevations of all proposed buildings and structures other than single family residences

C. Other data and information which may be deemed necessary by the planning commission for proper consideration of the application.


(Ord. 67-10 § 3.1402, 1967.)