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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 34 - FR-2 Forest-Recreation Districts

Section: 10 - Uses permitted

Uses permitted include the following:

A. A one-family residence. A manufactured home may be placed in lieu of a conventional residential unit;

B. Hunting and fishing camps;

C. Pack stations;

D. Home occupations;

E. Agriculture;

F. One guest cottage for the use of friends, relatives and bona fide visitors, in conjunction with a single-family residence;

G. Animal husbandry, where no more than one horse, mule, cow or street, nor more than five goats, sheep or similar livestock are kept for each twenty thousand square feet of lot area. (Ord.95-17 § 5(1), 1995; Ord. 94-19 § 7, 1995; Ord. 76-22 § 1(part), 1976; Ord. 74-12 § 3 (part), 1974.)