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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 38 - FP-1 District - Flood Zone Area Properties

Section: 30 - Users permitted with use permit

Uses permitted with a use permit shall be the following uses, buildings, and structures when it is found by the planning commission that such buildings or structures will be so constructed or placed, or will be so protected by levees or other flood proofing that they will not be appreciably damaged, will offer a minimum obstruction to stream flow, and will resist floatation in the event of flooding. Dikes and other structures designed to protect properties from flooding shall be so constructed that they will not endanger life or restrict the flow or carrying capacity of the flood channels:
  1. Commercial excavation of natural materials, filling of land areas, construction of levees, dikes, or other structures designed to protect property from natural flooding

  2. Private trailers on private parcels of ground used on a seasonal basis as in Section 20.38.020A.


(Ord. 70-6 § 1(part), 1970 Ord. 67-10 § 3.1702, 1967.)